Best gifts for your boyfriend here in Kenya

Best gifts for your boyfriend here in Kenya

Best gifts for your boyfriend here in Kenya

Best gifts for your boyfriend here in Kenya

Ladies, when it comes to gifting your man, many of you are just plain lazy or boring.

Kenyan men have borne the brunt of being labelled unromantic but, in all fairness, this stereotype is inherent in both Kenyan men and women.

While belts and ties are great gifts, you can’t repeat them as gifts two times in a row.

Aside from giving the typically cliche gifts on repeat, many girlfriends are guilty of never gifting their men to begin with.

While this speaks volumes about the type of relationship you have or rather you don’t have with your man, it’s never too late to change. If you just don’t feel your man deserves a gift, it’s time to end your so-called relationship.

Using our brief guide which we’ll outline below, you’ll be able to easily gift your man. We’ll also list down some gift suggestions to help you with gifting.

Remember, it’s not enough to wish your man happy birthday or to give him a kiss only.  As painful as it is for some of you, you’ll have to spend on your man.

Gifting is a skill that needs to be nurtured and developed. Through repetition, you’ll hone your skills and become a great gifter. Remember, practice makes perfect.

To give your boyfriend great gifts all the time, follow the below steps:

  • Consider the occasion

As obvious as this sounds, if you don’t match a gift to the gifting occasion, chances are your man won’t appreciate the gift. If your man just got a new job or a promotion, then you can bring out the belts and ties and throw in some socks.

If it’s your man’s birthday, the belts and ties don’t scream effort and affection. Matching the gift to the occasion will require you to add value to your man’s life by solving one of his pain points. He may need some new gloves for the gym, a cleaning kit for his car or a new pair of hiking boots. 

It’s up to you to figure out which item will go well with the timing of your gift.

  • Be creative

Gifting doesn’t have to be you just handing over a wrapped gift to your man. Why not start off by serving him his favourite meal or taking him out to eat? If he enjoys his drink, a round or two would be most welcome.

Once your man is full, then you can do a short dance as you ‘present’ the gift to him. Just keep it light and fun and don’t be too serious about the whole gifting. It’s supposed to be fun for everyone.

  • Plan early

We’re all human and sometimes, we can forget important stuff. But forgetting to gift your guy is just plain shady behaviour. Set a calender reminder or alarm if you need to in order to remember important dates.

While most of you won’t have an issue recalling the anniversary dates, other occasions such as when his favourite team wins the league or when he finished an important project might elude your memory.

Holidays like Christmas are also super busy so be sure to get your gift as early as possible.

With these simple considerations in mind, here’s a list of popular gifts for men here in Kenya that you can use as inspiration or as possible options for different occasions.

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