Best gifts for your girlfriend here in Kenya – Complete Guide

Best gifts for your girlfriend here in Kenya

Best gifts for your girlfriend here in Kenya

Best gifts for your girlfriend here in Kenya – Complete Guide

Being in a relationship needs work. You have to wine and dine your girl and buy her gifts every now and then to keep her happy and in love.

Kenyan men have often been accused of not having a single romantic bone in their bodies. While this stereotype does apply to most Kenyan men, it’s an issue that can be addressed quite easily.

You see, Kenyan men aren’t necessarily unromantic. The main issue is a lack of awareness and attention to detail.

As a boyfriend, you have a responsibility to know your girl inside out. While a lot of you guys know the inside well quite literally, most of you are lacking when it comes to the outside stuff which we’ll discuss shortly.

Married men can also find themselves in this situation, so this guide will work too if you’re married. You can also use this guide to gift your sister, cousin and basically any woman.

All you’ll need to do is follow some simple steps which we’ll lay out. We’ll then give you some timeless gifts that all girlfriends love here in the 254.

By the end of this guide, you’ll be a great gifter and you’ll definitely enjoy the fruits of your hard work in the evening.

Gifting is a skill. You’ll need to develop your gifting skills by doing the following:

  • Planning :

This simply involves identifying the specific occasions when you’ll gift your girlfriend. The obvious ones are on her birthday, Valentine’s Day and on Christmas. Make sure you ask for the birthday only once and record it immediately before you forget. Trust us, you’ll forget if you don’t write it down or sync it to your calendar app asap.

For more advanced boyfriends, you can gift your girl on a specific anniversary such as when you met or first hugged or something similar.

For most guys, anniversary dates are nearly impossible to remember, so avoid if you can.

  • Be observant

Most girlfriends will tell you the gift they’d like indirectly. As much as listening to your girl 24/7 can be a challenge, pay attention when she complains about something and see if you can fix the issue with a gift. It’s that simple.

Having your girl’s measurements such as dress size and shoe size will come in handy when picking a gift. Just check the shoe size on one of her shoes or ask only once and record it for future use.

  • Budget or Buy early

Once you’ve identified a potential gift, you can either start putting money aside or buy the gift as early as possible especially if you’re ordering online. This will be especially necessary for major holidays such as Valentine’s and Christmas. There’s nothing as annoying as having to find a new gift at the last minute. 

With these simple tips, you’re guaranteed to pick a great gift every time. Remember to be consistent with the gifts if you want to keep your girl. Aside from broke men, nothing turns off women faster than lack of affection.

Here are some gift ideas that you can use for inspiration or as a short list to choose from when gifting your girl here in Kenya. The more personal you can make the gift, the better your girl with like the gift.

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