Roch Fridges Kenya

Best Roch Fridges in Kenya – Complete Guide

Best Roch Fridges in Kenya - Complete Guide

Picture this: a brand that started small but dreamt big. Yep, that’s Roch for you! These guys are all about turning up the chill factor in your life.

We’re talking about a company that’s been weaving its cooling magic for years, making sure your veggies stay crisp, your drinks stay refreshing, and your ice cream stays… well, ice-cold awesome!

But hey, let’s rewind a bit. Roch didn’t just become the cool cats they are overnight. Oh no, they’ve got a history as rich and satisfying as a scoop of your favorite gelato.

They kicked things off with a vision – a vision to transform how we keep things fresh. And guess what? They’ve been nailing it ever since!

Now, let’s fast-forward to the good stuff – right here in Kenya. Our friends at Roch have been cooking up a storm in the Kenyan market. They get us, Kenyans – our hustle, our style, and our need for keeping things perfectly chilled, no matter the weather. From bustling Nairobi apartments to cozy homes in Kisumu, Roch Fridges have become like family members, always ready to serve up some cool goodness.

Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty – we’ve got the inside scoop on the best Roch Fridges waiting for you over at We’ve done the homework, sifted through the options, and handpicked the coolest (pun intended) fridges Roch has to offer. It’s like having your very own fridge expert, right at your fingertips!

So, if you’re ready to level up your chilling game, stick with us. We’re about to dive deep into the world of Roch Fridges, from their early days of making a name for themselves to becoming the go-to choice for Kenyan homes.

Your chilled-out fridge upgrade is just a click away, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Stay tuned, because we’re bringing the chill vibes straight to you, courtesy of Roch and your pals at!

Best Roch Fridges in Kenya:
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    The Roch RFR-120S-I – Single Door Refrigerator offers both affordability and reliability. The fridge is on the smaller side, with a capacity of 90 litres. This is ideal for a small family or anyone who only needs a fridge for a limited amount of time.

    The key features of this fridge are:

    • Mechanical control
    • Interior LED light
    • Energy-saving and low noise
    • Adjustable front feet
    • Lock & key
    • Product(mm) : 450*490*831
    • Volume: 90L
    • Price Kshs. 19,999


    • Its low noise allows you to enjoy its services without compromising your comfort.
    • It doesn’t occupy much space
    • Its capacity is excellent for a small family, including bachelors
    • It is also quite affordable


    • It will disappoint you if you have a large family
    • It is also unsuitable for long-term purposes
    • Some people don’t like its single-door feature
    Roch RFR-150DT-I Double Door Fridge, 120L

    If you are looking for a relatively large fridge that doesn’t occupy much space, Roch RFR-150DT-I won’t disappoint. This model has a capacity of 120L. Aside from being affordable and reliable, this Roch fridge has the following features;

    • Reversible door
    • Mechanical Control
    • Crisper drawer


    • Additional features such as crisper drawers, egg holders, vegetable bins and glass shelves.
    • Its crisper drawer is relatively large for convenience
    • Excellent silent operation optimization
    • Large capacity sufficient for an average-sized family


    • It will disappoint you if you have a large family
    • It is also unsuitable for long-term purposes
    • Some people don’t like its single-door feature

    The Roch RFR-190S-I is a modern-looking fridge designed for convenience and everyday use. It has a capacity of 150 liters with excellent cooling that will ensure the contents of your fridge stay fresh.

    Its key features are;

    • Capacity of 150L
    • Energy saving
    • Low noise
    • Mechanical control
    • Stylish LED Light
    • Weight of 10 kg only


    • Large 150L capacity
    • Very low noise during operation
    • Very energy efficient


    • Its capacity isn’t great for large families
    • The single-door design isn’t as efficient as a double door model
    Roch RFR-330-DT-I Double Door Fridge, 261L

    The Roch RFR-330-DT-I is a large sized fridge aimed at households that need maximum storage space on a budget. Aside for the large 261 Litres capacity, the fridge is both stylish and easy to use.

    Its features include;

    • Capacity: 261L
    • Energy class: A++
    • Number of doors: 2
    • Voltage: 220v-240v
    • Thermostat temperature control
    • Tempered glass shelves


    • Large 261L capacity
    • Very low noise during operation
    • Very energy efficient


    • The tall design isn’t the most convenient for some users

    The Roch RFR-435-DT-I is one of the largest capacity fridges available in the Kenyan market. Naturally, medium and large-sized households are the target market for this fridge.

    It’s features include;

    • Capacity: 348L
    • Interior Led Light
    • Number of doors: 2
    • Multi Air Flow Cooling System
    • Reversible Door
    • No Frost operation


    • Large 348L capacity
    • Very low noise during operation
    • Very energy efficient
    • No Frost feature


    • A bit on the pricey side

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