Best TV brands in Kenya and their prices

Best TV brands here in Kenya and their prices

Best TV brands here in Kenya and their prices

Best TV brands in Kenya and their prices

If you’re currently looking to get a new TV here in Kenya, this article is for you. Shopping for a TV is both exciting and stressful at the same time.

The prospect of getting a new screen to enjoy all your content on is very appealing.

However, the last thing you want to do is spend your hard-earned cash on a model that won’t meet your needs.

Things can get worse in the event you pick a model that lacks the features you desire. With the ever-growing library of new models and brands, it can quickly become overwhelming to select the best model for you.

In this guide, we’ll go over the best TV brands in Kenya and highlight the prices of their most popular models.

For starters, it’s essential to first know what to consider when choosing a TV. Here is what you need to consider when buying a TV here in Kenya:

1. Your budget:

For most Kenyans, the budget will be the main consideration when choosing a TV. As with most consumer electronics, you typically get what you pay for.

If your budget is tight, you’ll need to lower your standards. While you can get a good TV model at a low price, in most cases you’ll be sacrificing on some other factors, namely the features which we’ll cover shortly.

2. Size of the TV:

When it comes to the size of the TV, this will largely depend on your personal preference. Some people prefer a 40-inch TV while others are drawn to the larger 65-inch options. If you’re not sure of the size to go for, we highly recommend a 50-inch unit.

3. Features of the TV:

Once you’re clear on your budget and size preference, the next consideration is the TV features. At a bare minimum, we recommend you go for a Smart TV.

Similar to smartphones, Smart TVs allow you to download and install third-party applications such as Showmax and Spotify. Most Smart TVs run on the Android TV operating system. 

Other notable features include a premium display such as QLED or OLED, a powerful sound system, colour enhancement features and gaming support.

4. Size of the installation space:

This should be considered when determining the size of the TV especially if you live in a small space or you’re thinking of mounting the TV. The size of the installation space will also determine which TV stand you’ll go for, so also keep this in mind.

With these considerations in mind, picking your next TV will be a stress-free process. Here are the best TV brands in Kenya:

Here are the Best TV brands here in Kenya:
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    tcl kenya

    TCL Technology is a Chinese electronics company known for its impressive TVs. TCL originally entered the Kenyan market by providing competitively priced models. Over the years, the company has moved away from budget TVs to more premium models.

    Finding a low-priced TCL TV will be a challenge if you’re on a tight budget. For those working with a bit more of a budget, TCL TVs still offer great value for money when compared to the features you get.

    Their newest model is currently the TCL C645 QLED Smart TV which retails for Kshs. 58,000.00. It features a high-tech quantum dot technology display along with Dolby Vision and Hands-free Voice Control.

    skyworth kenya

    Similar to TCL Technology, Skyworth is an electronics company based in China. The company has slowly risen in popularity here in Kenya thanks to its high-quality TVs with very competitive prices.

    While Skyworth doesn’t offer the cheapest models, it does offer quality and reliability. Many past buyers have also left positive reviews on their purchases.

    Their most popular model is currently the SKYWORTH 55SUE9500 QLED Smart TV which retails for Kshs. 50,000.00. It features an impressive 55-inch Flicker Free-HDR10+ display along with Dolby Vision and a Health Platform.


    Following the pattern of Chinese manufacturers, Hisense is another top TV brand here in Kenya. The company offers high specs at reasonable prices. Unlike TCL and Skyworth who run their TVs on Android TV OS, Hisense uses their proprietary software VIDAA OS on many of its TVs.

    Their most popular model is currently the Hisense 43A6H UHD Smart TV which retails for Kshs. 40,000.00. It features a crisp 43-inch display along with DTS Studio Sound and Dolby Studio Sound.

    Vision Plus

    The first Kenyan company on our list is Vision Plus. The company has gained popularity here in Kenya thanks to its competitively priced TVs that are reliable and durable.

    The company started operations in 2017, making it relatively young when compared to the Chinese competition.

    Their most popular model is currently the Vision Plus VP8865KV UHD Smart TV which retails for Kshs. 71,000.00. It features a 65-inch display along with Dolby Audio.


    lg tv kenya

    LG Electronics needs no introduction. This South Korean-based company is a market leader when it comes to consumer electronics. If you have the budget, definitely consider an LG TV.

    The company’s newest model is the LG 55QNED806 QNED 8K Smart TV which retails for Kshs. 120,000.00. It features a 55-inch display along with a Gen5 AI processor, Quantum Dot NanoCell technology and LG’s award-winning WebOS software.

    samsung kenya

    Samsung is a household name here in Kenya. Samsung TVs are feature-packed and offer premium quality, similar to LG. You’ll need to have a sizeable budget if you opt for a Samsung TV but thankfully, it’s worth every penny.

    The company’s newest model is the Samsung 55QN90B NEO QLED 4K Smart TV which retails for Kshs. 240,000.00. It features a 55-inch display with a Neo Quantum Processor, Eye Comfort Mode and 100Hz Refresh Rate.

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