what to consider when buying a washing machine in Kenya

What to consider when buying a washing machine in Kenya

What to consider when buying a washing machine in Kenya

what to consider when buying a washing machine in Kenya

If you’re looking to buy a washing machine here in Kenya, then this guide is for you.

Doing laundry is a mandatory activity that many of us don’t particularly enjoy doing.

A washing machine saves you the time, energy and hassle of hand washing your clothes. 

Washing machines also easily clean large items that are difficult to hand wash such as duvets and comforters.

The entry of new companies into the Kenyan home appliances market has led to more variety in washing machine models for buyers and cheaper prices as well.

In this guide, we’ll go through the different types of washing machines available in the Kenyan market and what to consider when picking one.

When you’re done reading, you’ll have all the information you need to buy a washing machine that serves all your needs.

Washing machine Buying Guide
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    1. Types of washing machines available in Kenya

    Based on the design and functionality, washing machines can be classified into four:

    • top load machines
    • front load machines 
    • fully-automatic machines
    • semi-automatic machines
    Top load washing machine Kenya

    Top load washing machines have an opening at the top for loading clothes. Here in Kenya, top load washers typically come with a separate spin dryer chamber that you can use to dry off your laundry.

    The more expensive top load models (such as the one pictured above) have both the washer and dryer functions in one single washing chamber.

    Front load washing machine Kenya

    Front load machines have an opening at the front for loading clothes. These washers spin faster than top load washers which makes them more efficient and better at cleaning.

    They also use less water. All these advantages make front load washing machines more expensive than top load machines.

    automatic washing machine Kenya

    Fully-automatic machines come with programs and washing functions that take care of the entire washing cycle. They also include settings for washing specific fabrics and garments. Different brands use different names for their washer functions.

    semi automatic washing machine Kenya

    Semi-automatic machines require you to do more work such as rinsing and drying. They come with basic washing modes and tend to damage delicate clothes due to the limited washing options.

    The cheapest washing machines in Kenya are top load washing machines with semi-automatic functionality. The price of the washer tends to goes up when you switch to a front load machine and add automatic cleaning functionality.

    2. Consider the installation

    To fully utilize the functions of a washing machine, you’ll need to properly install it in your washing area.

    Semi-automatic top load machines are the easiest to install here in Kenya. You can fill these washers up with water using a bucket. They’re also portable and can be moved around as needed in the house.

    Fully-automatic washing machines will need more permanent installation. These washers require a water source and a drainage outlet in order to be automatic and complete their various preset washing modes.

    Front load washing machines also need to be connected to a water source and an outlet since you can’t fill up or drain the water manually.

    Many houses and apartments here in Kenya come with a laundry area where you can install a washing machine. If your house isn’t washing machine ready, you’ll need to consult a plumber.

    Thankfully, most companies selling washing machines in Kenya will help you with installation when delivering your new washer.

    3. Which size is right for you?

    washing machine sizes kenya

    When choosing a size for your new washing machine, it’s important to consider the number of people in your household and the size of your cleaning area as well.

    A typical household of two will have a weekly laundry load of around 6 kgs. A washing machine that matches the size of your household will allow you to do laundry in fewer loads. This will save you time and help manage your electricity plus water bill.

    For the cleaning area space, you’ll need to ensure the washing machine you pick actually fits. Top load machines have the advantage of being portable and not needing permanent installation.

    The single chamber models are also quite narrow and take up very little space. This makes single chamber top load machines ideal for very small spaces.

    4. Conclusion

    Front load washing machines are generally more efficient and clean better than top load machines. This makes them more expensive. They also need to be connected to a water inlet and a drainage outlet when in use.

    Top load washing machines don’t require permanent installation as compared to front load machines. They can be filled with water using a bucket or pipe and moved around the house accordingly. They work well in small spaces and houses that aren’t washing machine ready.

    Fully-automatic washing machines can be programmed to clean different laundry items and to carry out specific washing cycles at the touch of a button. You’ll need to connect these washers to a water inlet and drainage outlet in order to enjoy all the washing functions. 

    Semi-automatic washing machines are more manual and will require you to do more work such as rinsing and drying. The limited washing functions means these washers aren’t the best for delicate items.  

    If you’re on a tight budget, consider going for a semi-automatic top load washing machine. 

    If you need the best washer and installation isn’t an issue, then go with a fully-automatic front load washing machine. A fully-automatic top load machine is also worth considering for smaller budgets.

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