Century Cinemax Two Rivers

Century Cinemax – A Complete Guide to Two Rivers Cinema

Century Cinemax - A Complete Guide to Two Rivers Cinema

Century Cinemax Kenya

If you’re a movie buff here in Kenya, chances are you’ve already heard of Century Cinemax. In case you’ve been living under a rock, in this guide, we’ll go over all you need to know about this company and talk about their flagship offering at the Two Rivers Mall.

Century Cinemax is a leading cinema chain that operates in East Africa. It currently has three cinemas in Tanzania, three in Uganda and four in Kenya.

We’ll go over the Kenyan locations shortly. The other Cinema company that operates in Kenya is Anga Cinemas, which has three cinemas in Kenya.

The Anga cinemas are found in Nairobi’s CBD, Panari Mall along Mombasa Road and Diamond Plaza in Parklands.

Century Cinemax and Anga Cinemas are currently the market leaders in the Kenya cinema space. Old guards may remember the likes of 20th Century Cinema, Kenya Cinema and Nairobi Cinema which were popular in the early 2000s.

These older cinemas have since closed down. The 20th Century Cinema in the CBD was taken over by Anga Cinema with the Kenya Cinema and Nairobi Cinema locations being cleared completely to make room for new businesses.

Some other smaller players in the Kenyan cinema space are Motion Cinema which has a screen at Greenspan Mall in Donholm, Mega Cinema in Kisumu’s Mega City Mall, Westgate Cinema in Westgate Mall Nairobi, Prestige Cinema at Prestige Mall Nairobi, Nyali Cinemax along Nyali Road in Mombasa and Rupa Cinema in Eldoret. 

Century Cinemax Kenya

As mentioned above, Century Cinemax currently has four cinemas in Kenya, all within Nairobi. The specific locations are as follows:

  • Century Cinemax, Junction Mall, Ngong Road
  • Century IMAX, Garden City Mall
  • Century Cinemax, Sarit
  • Century Cinemax, Two Rivers

The flagship location is currently at the Two Rivers Mall.

Two River Mall Kenya

Century Cinemax Two Rivers is located on the first floor of the Two Rivers shopping mall. The location is a bit confusing. Once on the first floor, the entrance is located on the far right. You’ll see a small flight of stairs that leads you to the escalator that takes you to the cinema.

Once you arrive, you’ll be treated to a well-set-up space that is colourful, clean and very welcoming. There are also clean washrooms that you can use before or during the movie.

The cinema currently has three active screens, with one being an IMAX screen and the other two supporting 3d movies. IMAX stands for Image MAXimum. It’s a technology that enhances your movie experience by displaying high-resolution images on a large screen.

The Century Cinemax IMAX screen is currently the largest cinema screen in East and Central Africa.

The easiest way to know which movie is playing at the Century Cinemax in Two Rivers is to visit the company’s website here: https://centurycinemax.co.ke/movies/two-rivers

If you’re an early-morning movie person, you’ll be a bit disappointed as the Two Rivers cinema tends to start airing movies at 12 pm or 1 pm. 

Prices for watching a movie range from Kshs. 700 and above. The cinema charges Kshs. 300 for 3d glasses which you get to keep after the movie. This comes in handy as you can use the glasses for future movies without having to buy another pair. Just remember to carry them next time you’re planning on watching a 3d movie.

As we’ve mentioned above, there are other cinema companies here in Kenya. In our opinion, Century Cinemax screens are undoubtedly the best here in Kenya, with the IMAX screen at Two Rivers giving you a truly enjoyable movie experience.

Which is the Worst Cinema in Kenya?


The worst cinema we’ve been to so far is the Anga Cinema screen at Panari. While this cinema is sufficient for normal movies, the screens are horrible for 3D movies. We’d only recommend this cinema to anyone on a really tight budget who wants to watch a non-3D movie.

For an immersive and truly enjoyable cinema experience, just go to a Century Cinemax near you and you won’t be disappointed.


The Century Cinemax Two Rivers location is undoubtedly a good cinema to try out for any movie buff here in Kenya. If this location is too far for you, you can try out the other locations listed above.

While some may argue that going to the big screen isn’t necessary given all the streaming services currently available, unless you have a 3D or an IMAX TV, you still can’t beat the big screen experience. 

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