gifts for her in kenya

Gifts for Her in Kenya – Complete Gifting Guide for Kenyan Men

Gifts for Her in Kenya - Complete Gifting Guide for Kenyan Men

gifts for her in kenya

Getting a good gift for a special woman in your life can be intimidating and downright stressful. This anxiety is worse for men since a bad gift is one of the quickest ways of landing yourself in the dog house na kukasirikiwa.

If you need help picking a gift for a special female in your life here in Kenya then you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll go through how best Kenyan men can gift the special women in their lives.

When it comes to receiving gifts, women often appreciate the effort and thought put into choosing the gift. Men on the other hand tend to focus more on functionality and how practical the gift is.

While you can get the woman in your life a very useful and practical gift using this logic, as a man you’re missing an opportunity to truly make the gift special and worth remembering. To help make your gift one to remember, let’s first go over the best practices when gifting the special woman in your life.

What to do when picking a gift for her

  • Start the process early:

Many men drastically reduce their chances of getting a good gift by doing things too late. This often leads to picking gifts in a rush which may force you to compromise especially during busy holidays such as Valentine’s Day.

To make your life easier, start the year by identifying the dates you’ll need to gift the women in your life. Set a reminder on your calendar and email to alert you well before the gifting date since many men forget.

Examples of important gifting days to remember are her birthday, an anniversary, Valentine’s Day (On 14th February), Mother’s Day (Every Second Sunday of May) and Christmas Day.

  • Do your research:

The key to a good gift for her is ensuring the gift envokes the right emotions. You’ll only be able to get this part right by taking some time to purposefully understand what is important to the woman in your life.

Try to get an understanding of her passions, hobbies, likes and needs. You can do this through observation, actually paying attention when she tells you those long stories or by asking her indirectly the type of gifts she’d like to receive.

  • Buy and wrap the gift early:

If you follow the steps above, you should find yourself with some gift ideas that will be appreciated by the woman in your life. To complete the process, make sure you buy and wrap the gift as early as possible.

This will be a lifesaver especially on busy holidays such as Christmas and Valentine’s. It will also allow you to compare different prices and offers easily without any hurry. You’ll be surprised at how much more sellers charge for the same items when the demand is super high.

What not to do when picking a gift for her

  • Don’t forget the gifting occasion:

At the end of the day, a bad gift with a genuine hand-written note is way better than no gift at all. Men tend to forget occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. To save yourself from this unforgivable sin, ensure you set a reminder on your calendar app to notify you in advance. 

If you completely forget to get a gift on one occasion, redeem yourself by setting a reminder for the next one. You can be forgiven for forgetting once but twice is pushing it. To forget three gifting occasions in a row would be catastrophic for many relationships.

  • Don’t forget to be creative:

This is especially true if you’re gifting your romantic partner. You’ll need to go above and beyond in one way or another. It can be as simple as adding rose petals inside the gift packaging or as complex as having a live band and dancers perform her favourite song in an intimate rooftop setting.

Try combining several things you know she’ll like as well as thinking outside the box on how you can make the occasion enjoyable for both of you.

Now that you know the best practices when gifting the woman in your life, here’s our list of the best gifts for her in Kenya.

1. Flowers

gifts for her in kenya - flowers

This is a classic gift that the majority of women love. They make a great gift and can be paired with other gift ideas on our list. Remember to get a vase as well for the flowers if the woman in your life doesn’t have one already.

2. Chocolate

gifts for her in kenya - chocolate

This is another gift most women love. While it’s better suited for romantic occasions such as Valentine’s Day and anniversaries, you can’t go wrong with chocolate 90 percent of the time. You can get different brands, flavours or a gift package to make it more visually exciting.

3. Hair Products

gifts for her in Kenya - hair products

This is a more personal gift that will need some research. The last thing you want is to get her products she’ll never use. Check what she’s currently using or ask her indirectly which products she would like to add to her collection. 

4. Shoes

gifts for her in kenya - shoes

This is yet another practical gift that you really can’t go wrong with. Be sure to confirm her size and keep the receipt just in case she needs to get a different size.

5. Jewelry

gifts for her in Kenya - jewellery

Earrings, bangles, bracelets and necklaces are a few examples of jewelry women love. For this to be a good gift, you’ll need to go for a style the woman in your life loves. If in doubt on what to get, just play it safe and go with simple and timeless designs.

6. Makeup

gifts for her in Kenya

A good makeup collection can be expensive to assemble. You can help the woman in your life build up her collection by gifting her some items in her makeup wish list. Again, be sure you’re getting products she’ll actually use and enjoy by doing some research before making the purchase.

7. Skin Care Products

gifts for her in Kenya

Similar to makeup products, some skincare products are very expensive. The woman in your life will definitely love you for spending your hard-earned cash on her and adding to her collection of skincare products.

8. Bags

gifts for her in Kenya

These can be wallets, clutch bags, handbags, backpacks, tote bags or laptop bags. You can go for functionality and get her a bag for school or work. Alternatively, you can go for aesthetics and get her a design she’ll love.

9. A Journal

gifts for her in Kenya

Many women love journals and notebooks. Here, you also have the choice between functionality and aesthetics. If you can combine the two and get her a good-looking book that makes her journalling more enjoyable, then you’ll have a very good gift.

10. Clothes/Outfits

gifts for her in Kenya

Women love new clothes and outfits. The main thing to focus on here is getting the proper size and design that suit her taste and fashion sense.

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