Gifts to give your boyfriend in Kenya – Complete Guide

Gifts to give your boyfriend in Kenya - Complete Guide

gifts to give your boyfriend in kenya

If you need help getting a gift for your boyfriend here in Kenya, then you’re in the right place. In this guide, we’ll go over the do’s and don’ts of gifting your boo. We’ll also give you a list of gifts that chali yako will actually like and appreciate.

Kenyan women tend to underestimate how much gifts mean to their men. To put this in perspective, most men aren’t accustomed to being gifted. There are many Kenyan men out there who haven’t received a present in years. A lot of men will not even know what they want as a gift if you simply ask them. This is why Kenyan men will genuinely appreciate and always remember a good gift from their girlfriend.

To ensure you get a gift that will make your man eternally grateful and happy, let’s first go through the best practices when gifting your boyfriend.

What to do when picking a gift for your boyfriend

  • Do start planning early – Decide on the occasions you’ll be gifting your boyfriend throughout the year. This may be on his birthday, an anniversary, Valentine’s day, Father’s day or Christmas day. By knowing the dates well in advance, you can do your research without any rush and increase your chances of getting a good gift.
  • Do your own research – By observing your boyfriend over time, you’ll pick up on what he likes as well as what he lacks and needs. With this information, you can either go for a sentimental gift or opt for a practical gift that solves one of your boyfriend’s pain points.
  • Do the buying and wrapping of the gift in advance – Once you decide on the final gift, try your best to purchase the gift as early as possible. This will be very beneficial especially during busy holidays such as on Valentine’s and Christmas day. The last thing you want is to get caught up in a last minute shopping frenzy. 

What not to do when picking a gift for your boyfriend

  • Don’t ask your boyfriend what he wants directly – An important component of a good gift is the element of surprise. If you really want to impress your boyfriend and make the occasion unforgettable, be sure to add some mystery and fun to your gift. If you can, avoid spoilers as well or use them to build up his anticipation without spilling all the beans.
  • Don’t get him things that only you like – It’s normal to be attracted to items that you personally like when shopping for a gift. This is especially true for subjective items such as clothing and accessories. Try and avoid solely using your own preferences when shopping for a gift. Get your man a gift that matches his taste and personality. 

Now that you know the best practices when gifting your man, here’s our list of the best gifts to get your boyfriend in Kenya.

1. Cologne

gifts to give your boyfriend in kenya

Who doesn’t love smelling fresh and clean? A good cologne is a timeless gift that any man will appreciate. If you can, go for a gift set which includes a shower gel or deodorant stick as well.

2. Wireless Earphones

gifts to give your boyfriend in kenya

If your man loves music or frequently commutes to work/school, then he’ll definitely appreciate a good pair of wireless earphones. They are very convenient to carry around and use. 

3. A Smart Watch

gifts to give your boyfriend in kenya

This is a practical gift that your man will use frequently. It’s best suited for men who love technology or working out. 

4. Socks

gifts to give your boyfriend in kenya

If you notice your man has very few pairs of socks or most of them have holes in them, then a new set of socks is a very practical gift that will be very much appreciated. Get at least five pairs for each day of the week.

5. A wallet

gifts to give your boyfriend in kenya

This is another timeless gift that most men will appreciate. Just make sure you get a size that your man will like. A good reference point is the size and design of his current wallet.

6. A TV Stick

gifts to give your boyfriend in kenya

A TV stick allows you to stream media on a TV. It can be easily plugged into a HDTV and lets users access movies, TV shows, apps and games. You’ll need to have an internet connection to use the TV stick. This is a great gift for men who love movies, music, games or sports. 

7. A Backpack

gifts to give your boyfriend in kenya

A backpack is a practical gift any man can use to carry their valuables. You can opt for a laptop bag if your man is in the corporate world or a travel bag for  weekend trips and holidays. 

8. Khaki Trousers

gifts to give your boyfriend in kenya

Khaki trousers look good and are also very versatile. Your man can wear them on weekends when he isn’t working or on a Friday for a smart-casual look. If you can, get him a few different colours. This will definitely make the gift more memorable and practical. 

9. Boxers

gifts to give your boyfriend in kenya

This is a good gift option, especially if you notice the current ones your man has need replacing. Be sure to confirm if your man prefers his boxers loose or tight and get him a style you know he’ll like.

10. A belt

gifts to give your boyfriend in kenya

A good belt is a timeless accessory that many men often neglect. If your man only has one belt or if he’s been using the same one for a while, then this will be a welcomed gift for everyday use.

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