LG washing machine Kenya- complete guide

LG washing machines in Kenya – Complete Guide

LG washing machines in Kenya - Complete Guide

LG washing machines in Kenya - Complete Guide and Prices

In this guide, we’ll go through the best LG washing machines in Kenya as well as their features and prices.

LG washing machines come with numerous features that will make your laundry life a joy. We’ll go over some of these features shortly.

Aside from being feature-packed, LG washing machines are also high quality, durable and easy to use.

For large appliances, LG usually targets the premium and mid-range segments of the market. Their washing machines are no different.

This means you’ll need to dig a bit deeper into your pocket to get an LG washer as opposed to say a Ramtons washing machine. Let’s go over some of the features you’ll only find in LG washing machines and see if they justify the high washer prices.

LG Washing Machine Features:

When shopping for an LG washing machine, be on the lookout for the following features in the specs guide:

  • AI DD™ – This technology from LG allows the washing machine to detect both the weight and softness of fabrics and to adjust the washing cycle accordingly. It works in three cycles namely Cotton, Mixed Fabric and Easy Care washing cycles. 
  • TrueSteam™ – washers with this technology come with a steam generator that heats the water to 100°C. This in turn eliminates bacteria and allergens such as pet hair and dead skin. A must-have for anyone sensitive to airborne allergens.
  • 6 Motion DD – this technology moves the wash drum in multiple directions which results in better cleaning and less damage to your laundry. 
  • Inverter Direct Drive motor – these motors from LG come with fewer moving parts as compared to motors from other manufacturers. This increases durability and efficiency. It also reduces electricity consumption.
  • Add Item – LG front load washing machines with this function allow you to add in more items into the washer after the washing cycle has already begun. It’s a convenient feature that makes life much easier.
  • SmartThinQ™ technology – washers with this feature come with WiFi support and can be controlled through an app on your smartphone. You can track energy consumption or use Download Cycle to add new custom wash cycles.
Best LG Washing Machines in Kenya
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    LG F4V9RCP2E review kenya

    The LG F4V9RCP2E is a premium washing machine from LG. If you need the best of the best when it comes to a washing machine here in Kenya, then this model is definitely worth considering.

    The washer features LG’s cutting edge AI DD technology which senses the weight and softness of your laundry and adjusts the washing cycle accordingly. The LG F4V9RCP2E also supports LG’s SmartThinQ technology, meaning you can control it remotely through WiFi. It also works with Alexa and Google Assistant.

    For the hardware, the LG F4V9RCP2E uses an Inverter Direct Drive motor. It has a laundry capacity of 10.5kg and a dryer capacity of 7kg. Other notable features are the TrueSteam support, 6 motion DD, Add item function, smart diagnosis and silent wash. If your budget allows, then this washing machine is a no-brainer.

    LG F4V9RCP2E Price: Kshs. 164,000.00

    LG F4V9RCP2E Specs
    Type Front Load Machine
    Capacity 10.5kg Washer + 7kg Dryer
    Fully Automatic Yes
    Features 10.5kg washer, 7kg dryer , Inverter direct drive motor, Add item, 6 motion, AI DD, TrueSteam, Silent Wash, Turbo Wash mode, Wifi Control, Black Steel Finish, 14 Wash Cycles

    LG FH069FD3PS

    The LG FH069FD3PS is a 10kg front load washer designed for commercial use. It’s ideal for laundry shops as well as common laundry spaces found in apartments or institutions. 

    The washer comes with an Inverter direct drive motor and a rust-free stainless steel drum. It also emits low sound and different users can setup custom wash cycles.

    LG FH069FD3PS Price: Kshs. 325,000.00

    LG FH069FD3PS Specs
    Type Front Load Machine
    Capacity 10kg Washer
    Fully Automatic Yes
    Features 10.2kg commercial washer, Inverter direct drive motor, Status led indicator for cycle status (wash/rinse/spin), Led display panel, 5 washing options (cold, 40 degrees, 60 Degrees, 75 degrees, 90 degrees), Top mounted detergent, bleach and Softener dispenser), Atomizing nozzle system, Cycle customization, Inbuilt pump drain, Silver finish


    The LG FH6G1BCHK6N + F8K5XNK4 is a combination of two washers. First we have the LG FH6G1BCHK6N. This is a 12kg capacity front load washer that doubles up as an 8kg dryer. The second washer is the LG F8K5XNK4. It’s a 2 kg top load mini washer that is designed to slide out of the bottom compartment of the front load washer.

    LG calls this combination Twin Wash. The aim of this setup is to reduce laundry time and increase efficiency by providing two laundry points; a front load washer for your heavy plus large items and a smaller top load washer for delicate and light items. If you can afford this setup then it’s a no-brainer.

    LG FH6G1BCHK6N + F8K5XNK4 Price: Kshs. 247,000.00

    LG FH6G1BCHK6N + F8K5XNK4 Specs
    Type Front Load Machine + Top Load Mini Washer
    Capacity 12kg Washer/8kg Dyer, 2 Kg Mini Washer
    Fully Automatic Yes
    Features TWINWash™ design, Smart thinQ support, TrueSteam™ technology, 6 Motion Direct Drive Technology, Inverter Direct Drive, Smart Diagnosis, Inverter direct drive motor (10 years motor warranty), WiFi support, Child Lock, Silver finish

    LG T1982WFFS5

    The LG T1982WFFS5 is one of the largest washing machines available in Kenya. It has a washing capacity of 19kg which can easily hold multiple large items such as bedsheets and duvets.

    This makes the washer perfect for large households or institutions with boarding facilities such as hotels and lodges. The washer has WiFi support and can be controlled remotely thanks to LG’s SmartThinQ technology.

    It also has a Hot Wash and Steam Wash function that works at 40°C as well as a full stainless steel tub, a filter-free design, a soft closing door, cold and hot water inlets and a water drain pump.

    LG T1982WFFS5 Price: Kshs. 152,000.00

    LG T1982WFFS5 Specs
    Type Top Load Machine
    Capacity 19kg Washer
    Fully Automatic Yes
    Features SmartThinQ™ Technology, Auto Restart, Full Stainless Steel Tub Filter Free, Soft Door Closing, Cold & Hot Water Inlets, Water Drain Pump, Hot Wash & Steam Wash at 40°C


    The LG FH4G6VDGG6 is a 9kg capacity front load washing machine that comes with an Inverter Direct Drive motor as well as 6 motion direct drive technology for the drum.

    This washer also comes with TrueSteam™ technology that reduces 99.9% of allergens. Unfortunately, there’s no WiFi support.

    If you can live without remote monitoring and control of your washer through your smartphone (like many of us currently do), then this model is a good option.

    LG FH4G6VDGG6 Price: Kshs. 100,000.00

    LG FH4G6VDGG6 Specs
    Type Front Load Machine
    Capacity 9kg Washer/5kg Dryer
    Fully Automatic Yes
    Features 6 Motion Direct Drive Technology, Inverter Direct Drive, 13 washing programs, 99.9% Allergen reducing Steam Clean

    LG T1366NEFVF

    The LG T1366NEFVF is a feature-packed 13 kg capacity top load washing machine. It comes with various smart features that make doing laundry easy and hassle-free. 

    This washer comes with Smart Motion technology which optimizes the washing cycle based on fabric type. No more stretched tops or torn delicates.

    The washer also has TurboDrum™ technology support which increases washing strength and ensures tough stains are eliminated.

    On top of these features, there’s also an auto pre-wash mode for soiled items, Smart Diagnosis support for easy trouble shooting and the washer has a safe and convenient design. Unfortunately, there’s no WiFi support for remote monitoring and operation through your smartphone.

    LG T1366NEFVF Price: Kshs. 77,000.00

    LG T1366NEFVF Specs
    Type Top Load Machine
    Capacity 13kg Washer
    Fully Automatic Yes
    Features Smart Inverter Control, Smart Motion, TurboDrum™, LoDecibel™ Quiet System, Smart Diagnosis

    LG FH2G7QDY5

    The LG FH2G7QDY5 is a 7kg front load washing machine that is designed to meet the needs of most Kenyan households.

    This washer features the power-saving and efficient Inverter Direct Drive motor from LG. It also uses 6 Motion Technology in the drum for a better and more thorough wash.

    The washer allows you to troubleshoot errors easily thanks to the Smart Diagnosis support.

    Other notable features of this washer are 13 Wash Programs, 6 Spin Options, a child lock and an emergency drain filter.

    LG FH2G7QDY5 Price: Kshs. 67,000.00

    LG FH2G7QDY5 Specs
    Type Front Load Machine
    Capacity 7kg Washer
    Fully Automatic Yes
    Features Inverter Direct Drive Motor, 6 Motion DD technology, 13 washing programs, Silver knob, Convenient Touch UI, Steam Clean

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