Mika fridges in Kenya

Mika fridges in Kenya – Buyers Guide

Mika fridges in Kenya - Buyers Guide

Mika fridges in Kenya - Buyers Guide

Interested in getting a Mika fridge here in Kenya? 

This article will definitely help. We’ve compiled a list of the best Mika fridges available for purchase online and listed the price plus features of each model.

Mika is a relatively young brand in the Kenyan market. The company was formed here in Kenya back in 2011.

It has its headquarters at Pan Africa building along Mombasa road, behind Lab & Allied.

The company has steadily expanded its product range from electronics and microwaves to large appliances such as washing machines and fridges.

Mika sells quite a number of different fridge models, some of which are frost free. The company also has a side by side door model and a unique 4 door model.

For the fridge quality, most buyers have reported a good experience with their Mika purchase and left positive ratings. Mika fridges also come with a 2 year warranty for added peace of mind.

In terms of features, Mika fridges are reasonably well equipped. Most models have similar specs to fridges from Ramtons and Von Hotpoint.

If you need premium features such as an ice dispenser or WiFi support, go for an LG or Samsung fridge.

Mika fridges are priced competitively to target buyers looking to get the most value for the money spent. 

Below are the best Mika fridges that you can order online and have delivered to your doorstep here in Kenya.

Best Mika Fridges in Kenya
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    Mika MRNF2D527SS

    The Mika MRNF2D527SS is a large side by side door fridge with 527 litres of capacity. The huge storage space makes this model ideal for large households, office kitchens or small businesses.

    Aside from having all the basic features you’d expect in a fridge, this model also comes with plenty of storage compartments and a deodorizer for filtering out bad odors and bacteria.

    The compressor comes with a 10 year warranty and the rest of the fridge is covered for 2 years.

    The fridge doesn’t have a water dispenser or ice maker though. Thankfully, the price of the MRNF2D527SS is very competitive. 

    Current Price Kshs. 117,000.00

    Mika MRNF2D527SS Specs
    Capacity 527 Litres
    Size (D x W x H) in cm 74.5 x 89.5 x 178.8
    Cooling Type Frost Free
    Features No frost, Gross Freezer Volume: 248 L, Gross Refrigerator Volume: 339 L, Wide voltage tolerance compressor AC 180V-250V, Smart Inverter Compressor, Deodorizer (Smell & Germ Buster)

    Mika MRNF4D490SS

    The Mika MRNF4D490SS is a unique four door fridge designed to give you maximum food storage flexibility. With a capacity of 545 litres, the fridge is also ideal for heavy use.

    The four door design divides this model into two fridge sections at the top and two freezer compartments at the bottom. This means you can customize your food strorage to a very high degree as you basically have two bottom freezer fridges.

    In terms of features, this model is well equipped with all the basics such as a deodorizer and plenty of storage compartments.

    Current Price Kshs. 110,000.00

    Mika MRNF4D490SS Specs
    Capacity 545 Litres
    Size (D x W x H) in cm 74.0 x 83.3 x 180.8
    Cooling Type Frost Free
    Features No frost, 4 Door design, Wide voltage tolerance compressor, Deodorizer (Smell & Germ Buster), Toughened Glass Shelves,

    Mika MRDCD207LS

    The Mika MRDCD207LS is a top freezer two door fridge with a capacity of 201 litres. This size is ideal for households of 3 and less.

    The fridge uses a direct cooling system, which means occasional defrosting of the freezer will be needed. This model also comes with a deodorizer and large storage bins.

    This is one of Mika’s most popular fridge model and it comes with numerous positive buyer reviews. 

    Current Price Kshs. 40,000.00

    Mika MRDCD207LS Specs
    Capacity 201 Litres
    Cooling Type Direct Cooling
    Features Direct Cooling, Wide voltage tolerance compressor, Deodorizer (Smell & Germ Buster), Toughened Glass Shelves

    4. Mika MRDCS170MS - 170L Single Door Fridge (Direct Cooling)

    Mika MRDCS170MS

    The Mika MRDCS170MS is a 170 litres single door fridge designed for small households of three and below.

    The fridge has a number of positive buyer ratings. Some users, however, have noted the freezer compartment is very small. If you’ll need to freeze a lot of food, go with a two door fridge instead.

    Current Price Kshs. 27,000.00

    Mika MRDCS170MS Specs
    Capacity 170 Litres
    Cooling Type Direct Cooling
    Features Direct Cooling, VC Filter - Germ Buster, Toughened Glass Shelves, Energy Saving Cool Pack for Maintaining Cold During Power Cuts

    5. Mika MRDCD95BBR/MRDCD95XSF - 168L Top Freezer Double Door Fridge (Direct Cooling)


    The Mika MRDCD95BBR/MRDCD95XSF is a two door top freezer with a capacity of 168 litres. The fridge is available in various colours such as a black brush finish and a silver brush finish.

    This model uses direct cooling and comes with standard fridge features such as glass shelves, a large freezer section, an egg & ice tray and a large vegetable box. 

    Current Price Kshs. 36,000.00

    Mika MRDCD95BBR/MRDCD95XSF Specs
    Capacity 168 Litres
    Cooling Type Direct Cooling
    Features Direct Cooling, Glass shelves Large freezer section, High voltage tolerance compressor 170v-260v

    Mika MRDCS50GLD

    The Mika MRDCS50GLD is a 92 litres mini fridge that is ideal for small spaces and single person use.

    It comes with an in-built cool pack that helps maintain cold temperatures during power blackouts. The fridge also has a freezer section, toughened glass shelves and vegetable box.

    The Mika MRDCS50GLD has a number of positive buyer reviews. Many buyers have reported good and reliable performance.

    Current Price Kshs. 16,000.00

    Mika MRDCS50GLD Specs
    Capacity 92 Litres
    Cooling Type Direct Cooling
    Features Direct Cooling, VC Filter, Energy Saving Cool Pack for Maintaining Cold During Power Cuts, Large Vegetable Box

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