Mother’s Day in Kenya – Complete Guide

Mother’s Day in Kenya – Complete Guide

Mother’s Day is a very important celebration held every year. On this day, we get to celebrate the
mothers and women who moulded and shaped our lives for the better.

Without your mother, you basically would never have existed. Your mother’s care and love also got you through childhood and your teenage years.

From changing your diapers and dirty clothes to feeding and disciplining you, the role of a mother is not only exhausting but often unrewarding as well.

Many of us took our mothers through hell with our indiscipline, complaining and nagging. Mothers are also the backbone of most households.

While fathers provide resources and protection, it’s
the mothers who make sure the house doesn’t fall apart.

Ideally, you should celebrate your mother daily but most of us are too lazy to do this. Thankfully, Mother’s Day offers an opportunity for more elaborate celebrations and gifts. In this guide, we’ll go over the history of Mother’s Day.

We’ll then detail when this holiday is celebrated and what you should know about Mother’s Day here in Kenya. Lastly, we’ll outline some gift ideas that you can use for inspiration and building your own shortlist.

In Kenya, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year. The holiday was first celebrated in 1907 in the US state of West Virginia by a lady known as Anna Jarvis. She held the first Mother’s Day service of worship at the Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church in Grafton.

The inspiration behind the service was the passing of her mother two years earlier in 1905. Anna envisioned having a day dedicated to celebrating mothers as the people who have done more for us than anyone in the world.

Other countries around the world have their own dedicated days for celebrating Mother’s Day. Most of these celebrations also fall in the months of March and May.

In Kenya, mothers are recognized through church services, parties, special events, gifts and mpesa/cash. The holiday also recognizes all the women who play motherly roles in our lives such as mentors and sisters.

Now that you know how the holiday came about, here are some gift ideas you can use for your next Mother’s Day celebration.

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