Mother's Day in Kenya - The Ultimate Guide

Mother’s Day in Kenya – The Ultimate Guide

Mother's Day in Kenya - The Ultimate Guide

For many of us, Mother’s Day is a very special day that we take to honour and celebrate our mothers.

These heroes have done a lot for us. They’ve gone through the pain of child birth to bring us into the world and put up with our countless diaper changes, tantrums, bad moods and rebellious behaviours. 

While we should ideally celebrate our mothers and the hard work they do daily, Mother’s Day gives us an opportunity to put on a truly memorable celebration.

In this guide, we’ll go over the history of Mother’s Day in Kenya and when the holiday is celebrated every year. We’ll also go over our curated list of gift ideas for marking this special day here in the 254.

When you’re done reading, you’ll have all the info you need to make the next Mother’s Day special and memorable for your mum.

Mother's Day in Kenya
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    1. The History of Mother's Day

    Mother's Day in Kenya - The Ultimate Guide

    Since the beginning of time, different cultures throughout the world have celebrated mothers and motherhood in one form or another. The modern holiday we observe was first celebrated in the United States on May 12th, 1907.

    Back then, an American lady by the name of Anna Jarvis organized a service of worship at Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church in Grafton, West Virginia. Anna wanted to celebrate her mother, Ann Reeves Jarvis, who was a peace activist during the American Civil War. 

    Ann Reeves had created Mother’s Day Work Clubs to help address public health issues. She also worked closely with other female activists to encourage mothers from all nationalities to work together to promote peace.

    When she died on May 9th, 1905, her daughter Anna wanted to keep her memory alive by having a day dedicated to celebrating everything Ann Reeves stood for. Two years after her mother’s death, Anna Jarvis held the first Mother’s Day service on the second Sunday of May in 1907. This is the internationally recognized date we now celebrate Mother’s Day.

    While Kenya and many other countries in the world adopted the American date for Mother’s Day as the second Sunday of May, some countries have their own dates for celebrating Mother’s Day as per their own local customs and key historical events.

    2. How to Celebrate Mother's Day

    Mother's Day in Kenya - The Ultimate Guide

    Mother’s Day was initially intended to be a day of reflection and quality family time. However, it has become heavily commercialized over the years. Gift companies, restaurants and hotels often make a killing during this time because of the emotion involved with the holiday.

    While you don’t need to spend any money to appreciate the mother in your life, who doesn’t love a good gift? If you’re broke, you’ll need to rely on your creativity instead. A simple home-cooked meal, acts of service or even a handwritten card can go a long way to show how much you care.

    Kama pesa iko and you need some gift ideas, we have a curated list below to help you find the best gift for Mother’s Day.

    3. Gift ideas for Mother's Day here in Kenya

    Mother's Day in Kenya - The Ultimate Guide

    Many mothers love cooking and those who don’t have to find a way to make sure the family eats. A pressure cooker is a practical gift that makes cooking easier and more enjoyable for any mother. Other members of the household can also use it to cook for mum once in a while.

    Mother's Day in Kenya - The Ultimate Guide

    The mother in your life will love you for this one. A washing machine saves time, energy and cleans much better than traditional handwashing. We have a detailed guide on how to choose a washing machine here in Kenya. 

    Mother's Day in Kenya - The Ultimate Guide

    A freezer provides added functionality over a traditional fridge. They allow longer storage of perishable food as well as a larger storage capacity. This is a great gift for any mother with a medium to large household.

    Mother's Day in Kenya - The Ultimate Guide

    Another practical gift that simplifies cleaning and tidying up. A vacuum cleaner is also very handy for households with carpets, kids or many visitors.

    Mother's Day in Kenya - The Ultimate Guide

    You can never go wrong with doing some shopping for the mother in your life. In order to do it right, some planning is needed. You’ll need to confirm the brands she prefers as well as the items she values and uses the most.

    Here’s a standard shopping list that will give you an idea of the items you can buy: Rice, Unga ya Ugali, Baking Flour, Cooking Oil, Salt, Sugar, Tea Leaves, Eggs, Spices, Bread, Milk, Yogurt, Spaghetti, Drinking Chocolate, BlueBand, Peanut Butter, Honey, Meat, Paper Towels, Air Freshener, Dish Washing Soap, Detergent, Fabric Softener, Scouring Pad, Toilet Paper and Disinfectant. 

    Mother's Day in Kenya - The Ultimate Guide

    A good perfume is one of those timeless gifts that any woman will appreciate. You’ll need to confirm the types of scents the mother in your life loves and get something similar. Alternatively, you can get them something they’ve never used before, especially if they have a large collection already.

    Mother's Day in Kenya - The Ultimate Guide

    If the mother in your life is very much into fashion, new accessories will definitely be highly appreciated. These include items such as belts, handbags, tote bags, sunglasses, earrings and makeup. Since fashion is very subjective, do some research first to determine the type and style of accessories to get for the mother you’re gifting. 

    Mother's Day in Kenya - The Ultimate Guide

    Working out is an important part of staying healthy and happy in everyday life. While many Kenyans aren’t mindful of how important working out regularly is, buying some exercise equipment for the mother in your life will genuinely help her stay fit, manage her weight and reduce visits to the doctor for mobility issues. You can start her off with a set of light weights, a workout mat, workout clothes and resistance bands.

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