Things you should never put in the microwave

Things you should never put in the microwave

Things you should never put in the microwave

Many of us frequently use microwaves to reheat food or prepare specific recipes.

This appliance is very convenient to use and always comes in handy in the kitchen. A microwave can serve you for many years if used correctly.

However, you can also easily damage a microwave if you put in the wrong items. Some of these items also have the potential of inflicting injuries so be careful! 

In this guide, we’ll cover the top things you should never put inside the microwave. Aside from damaging the microwave and causing bodily harm, putting these items in the microwave can lead to electrical shorts and fires.

Always refer to the user manual of your specific microwave to learn how to properly use it and what to do in case of an incident.

Below are the top things you should never try to put inside the microwave.

1. Eggs in their shell


The microwaves lead to a build-up of steam within the egg. This has the potential of exploding and causing a mess or worse, burning you.

2. Aluminium foil

aluminium foil

Aluminum foil will reflect the microwaves instead of absorbing them. This can lead to sparks that damage the microwave or lead to a fire.

3. Single-use plastic

single-use plastic

Single-use plastic bottles for water, yogurt, or cold foods aren’t designed to withstand the high temperatures within the microwave. 

4. Cookware with metal


The microwaves will bounce off the metal part of the cookware which can cause sparks and lead to a fire.

5. Nothing at all

empty microwave

If the microwave is turned on when empty, the microwaves aren’t absorbed within the appliance. This build-up of microwaves within the appliance can easily damage the microwave.

6. Raw hot pepper

hot pepper

Microwaving hot peppers will cause them to release a vapour compound known as capsaicin which has the same effect on the eyes and lungs as tear gas.

7. Paper bags

paper bag

Whether it’s a polythene, woven or paper bag, don’t put them inside the microwave. They can easily catch fire or release toxic fumes when microwaved.

8. Water


The microwave can superheat the water instead of boiling it. This can cause the water to explode and burn you.

9. Uncovered food with sauce

saucy food

The sauce is likely to cause a mess inside the microwave which will require cleaning.

10. Processed meats

processed meat

The preservatives used in processed meats such as hot dogs have the potential of releasing harmful toxins when subjected to extreme heat and radiation.

11. Frozen meat

frozen meat

The frozen meat is likely to defrost unevenly which may lead to a build-up of bacteria and cause food poisoning.

12. China with metal trim

china with metal trim

The metal trim on the china may overheat or reflect the microwaves which can damage the appliance.

13. Uncooked rice

uncooked rice

Uncooked rice contains a bacteria called Bacillus cereus, which isn’t killed by microwaving. This bacteria can lead to food poisoning.

14. Frozen fruit

frozen fruit

When you try and microwave frozen fruit, the change in temperature may lead to the emission of toxic carcinogens. 

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