Von washing machines Kenya

Von Washing Machines Kenya – Complete Guide

Von washing machines Kenya - Complete Guide

Von washing machines Kenya

Von washing machines come in various sizes and designs. In this guide, we’ve gone through the best models available for purchase today here in Kenya.

In terms of design, Von gives you a choice between a front load or a top load washing machine.

Von front load washing machines are fully automatic and come with all the standard features you’d expect from an automatic washer. 

For the top load washing machines, Von have both fully-automatic and semi-automatic models.

The semi-automatic Von top load washers in our guide are all Twin Tub units. This means they come with two compartments; one for the wash cycle and the other for the spin dry cycle. 

When it comes to pricing, Von washing machines fall in the mid-range and budget price points. You’ll spend considerably less on a Von washing machine as compared to a similar sized machine from a brand like LG.

Naturally, spending less will also mean sacrificing some extra features such as WiFi support and remote machine monitoring.

Quality-wise, Von washing machines are reliable and come highly rated by past buyers.

Below are the best Von washing machines available in Kenya.

Best Von Washing Machines in Kenya
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    The VON VAWD-106FGS is a front load washing machine with a washing capacity of 10kg and a drying capacity of 6kg. This washer comes with 15 programs, a detergent compartment with 3 sections for the main wash, fabric softener and pre-wash as well as 5 temperature options.

    The VAWD-106FGS also has self error diagnosis, a stainless steel drum and a dark silver finish with an elegant door design. You really can’t go wrong with this model and the 10kg capacity is sufficient for most Kenyan households.

    VON VAWD-106FGS Price: Kshs. 84,995.00 

    VON VAWD-106FGS Specs
    Type Front Load Machine
    Capacity 10kg Washer + 6kg Dyer
    Fully Automatic Yes
    Features Self error diagnosis, Stainless steel drum, Dark silver finish with an elegant door design, 10kg washing capacity, 6kg drying capacity, BLDC Inverter motor, 1400 Rpm, Overflow control, 5 temperature options


    The VON HWF-916SI/VALW-09FXK is an automatic front load washing machine with a capacity of 9kg. It has fewer extra features than the VAWD-106FGS. 

    You still get 15 wash programs, a spin speed of 1400 RPM and 5 temperature options but the LED display is smaller and the motor is an Eco Inverter model as opposed to the BLDC Inverter motor in the VAWD-106FGS.

    Other notable features of this washer are a delay timer, laundry reload function and an emergency drain feature.

    VON HWF-916SI/VALW-09FXK Price: Kshs. 64,400.00 

    VON HWF-916SI/VALW-09FXK Specs
    Type Front Load Machine
    Capacity 9kg Washer
    Fully Automatic Yes
    Features 1400 Rpm, Eco Inverter Motor, Power Memory Function, 15 Wash Programs, Chrome Electronic Jog Dial, Delay Timer, Laundry Reload Function, Emergency Drain Feature, Emergency Filter Feature


    The VON VALW-07TSX is an automatic top load washing machine with a capacity of 7kg. It features a diamond glass soft landing lid and a durable stainless steel inner drum.

    This washing machine comes with an in-built drain pump that allows you to easily empty the water from the washer. Other features of this washer are 2 water inlets, 4 premium lint filters, dispensers for the detergent, softener and bleach as well as 10 wash programs (standard, normal, gentle, speedy, strong, pre-set, soak, wash, rinse, spin) and 10 water level options.

    VON VALW-07TSX Price: Kshs. 41,074.00 

    VON VALW-07TSX Specs
    Type Top Load Machine
    Capacity 7kg Washer
    Fully Automatic Yes
    Features Diamond glass soft landing lid, Stainless steel inner drum, Stainless steel base and pulsators, In-built drain pump, Power memory function, 2 water inlets, Fuzzy logic washing 4 Premium lint filters, Detergent and softener dispenser, Bleach dispenser, 10 Programs


    The VON HPTT10/VALW-10MLW is a semi-automatic twin tub top load washer with a 10kg laundry capacity. It’s quite a popular model thanks to its reliability, competitive price tag and ease of use. 

    Similar to other semi-automatic top load washers, you’ll need to transfer the laundry into the spin dryer when rinsing and drying. Given this model’s popularity, it can sometimes be out of stock.

    If you’ve never seen a Von top load semi automatic machine in action, check out this long-term review below.

    VON HPTT10/VALW-10MLW Price: Kshs. 21,150.00 

    VON HPTT10/VALW-10MLW Specs
    Type Top Load Machine
    Capacity 10kg Washer
    Fully Automatic No
    Features 3 Washing Programs, Transparent Top Cover, Durable and Stylish handles, Wash timer, Spin Timer, Air Ventilation feature, Durable and efficient copper motor, Rat proof base, Low noise motor system, Rust free plastic body, Pulsator washing

    Von VALW-07MLB

    The VON VALW-07MLB is a 7kg capacity semi-auto top load twin tub. Aside from having a smaller capacity and a slightly different design, this washing machine has similar features to the previous 10kg VON VALW-10MLW.

    The capacity of this washing machine is ideal for households of 3 or less. If you have very large laundry loads go for a larger capacity washing machine.

    This is because you’ll need to refill a small washing machine with fresh water and detergent more frequently than a larger washer, which leads to more laundry time and higher water/electricity costs. 

    VON VALW-07MLB Price: Kshs. 17,290.00 

    VON VALW-07MLB Specs
    Type Top Load Machine
    Capacity 7kg Washer
    Fully Automatic No
    Features 7Kg Twin tub, Wash timer knob, Wash selector knob (normal or gentle), Spin timer knob Water inlet lever (Wash / Spin), Lint filter, 3 Pulsators, Turbo air dry for spin compartment

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