how to install a washing machine in Kenya

Washing machine installation in Kenya – what to consider

Washing machine installation in Kenya - what you should consider

washing machine installation Kenya - what you should know

If you’ve been considering getting a washing machine here in Kenya but aren’t sure about the installation, then this article is for you.

A washing machine will save you a lot of time and make your laundry process hassle-free. You’ll actually look forward to doing laundry for once, especially if you get a fully automatic model.

We have an article on what to consider when buying a washing machine here in the 254 if you need more help picking a specific model.

In this article we’ll dive deeper into the installation process of a washing machine here in Kenya.

As you’ll see by the time you’re done reading, there is a solution available for every household.

Identifying the installation options available in your space will help you pick a washing machine that fits perfectly into your lifestyle. 

Here are the key points to consider below:

Installing a washing machine in Kenya
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    The amount of space you have available for installing a washing machine will influence the type of model you can buy.

    If your space is a single room, hostel or bedsitter, you’ll hardly have any space for a large washing machine. In such a case, your best option is a semi-automatic top load washing machine.

    These washers can easily be moved around the house as needed and can be filled up with water using a bucket. You can also easily drain the water out in the bathroom or outside on a balcony with a drainage hole.

    Mika have some semi-automatic top load washers that will work well in tight spaces.

    If you have more space to spare, then definitely consider a fully automatic washing machine. You’ll need to install it more permanently than a semi-automatic unit. Thankfully, after the initial installation, you won’t have to do anything else apart from loading and unloading the washer.

    Many apartments and houses here in Kenya come with designated laundry areas that are designed to be ‘washing machine ready’.

    This simply means the plumbing points are already in place for easy connection of a washing machine. 

    If your space isn’t washing machine ready, don’t worry. For the plumbing connections, washing machines only need a water inlet and drainage outlet.

    A decent plumber will be able to make a new water inlet connection for a washing machine. It’s as simple as adding a new pipe joint and valve to an existing pipe system such as those found under a sink or in bathrooms.

    For the drainage outlet, you can position the washing machine near a drainage hole on a balcony. Alternatively, you can do the installation near or inside the bathroom. If you’re really limited on space, a sink can also be used as a drainage outlet as shown in the video below.

    The plumbing is usually the biggest headache most people face when installing a washing machine here in Kenya.

    Once you’ve sorted out the issue of installation space and plumbing, don’t forget to buy an extension cable for the power supply.

    This will save you a lot of hassle when first installing your washing machine. If you’re installing the washing machine outside, remember to keep the extension cable in a location where it will remain dry at all times. 

    It depends on your budget, installation space and personal needs. If you’re shopping for your first washing machine and have a small budget, a top load semi-automatic washing machine is a good option.

    Here are a few good options to consider:

    If you have larger budget and more installation space, then a fully automatic washing machine is worth your while. 

    Below are some of our top picks:

    If you need more info, check out our articles on the best washing machines from different brands here in Kenya.

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